Lakutaia Lodge

Staying at the end of the Americas in Lakutaia Lodge is a privilege of few, you can see places of unparalleled beauty and still untouched. Enjoy the majestic Cordillera Darwin crowned by innumerable glaciers on the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego. Navigate through intricate channels and fjords along with spectacular wildlife appreciate the sub-Antarctic. From our lodge are organized horseback riding, fly fishing trips, trekking to the Dientes the Navarino Circuit and fly the mythical Cape Horn, landmark of daring navigators of all time. 


Lakutaia Lodge has 24 confortables double bedrooms with private bathroom, telephone ....MORE


Over Flight

It consists of a flight leaving from Puerto Williams, Beagle Channel


Lakutaia invites you to sail in the most southern channels and fjords of the south end ....READ MORE.


Traverse Navarino Island  from north to south, from Puerto Williams to cross the mountains ..READ MORE


You can visit wonderful places like the Darwin mountain range with its.. READ MORE..